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This black shemale has tried to explain the difference between all the different names for men who have become women and men who are in the process of thinking or wanting to become women whether it be in full form with a sex change or by just taking hormone tablets or by just being curious and dressing up in women’s clothes.

Some people get confused about the whole sissy side of things as well as let’s face it naughty little sissy girls also like to dress up in girlie clothes and be dominated by either a master or a Mistress so where do they fall into all of this crossdressing stuff I hear you say?

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My own experience is although sissies do enjoy dressing up and being all girlie they also enjoy the whole humiliation side of things and enjoy being exposed and ridiculed cross-dressing sissies love to visit a Mistress who orders them to dress up and then she will humiliate them, you can find these types of fun humiliation sites right here.

Sissies although they like to dress they also get back into their everyday clothes whereas a transexual or tgirl or whatever name you know them by they continue to live the life as a woman long after you’re cam show has finished, they are still dressing up and taking hormone tablets and behaving like a female.

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I like to look around at all the different types of girls that are available to me and to be fair the variety is amazing and it is the only place I have visited that offers so much in the way of  different cultures, there is a niche for everyone so no matter what the desire you will find it all on this shemale video chat website


How to become a female if I am a man?

This is a question asked a lot online because some men when they first realise they want to dress up they presume something is wrong with them or that they are weird or whatever.  It can really shock you are first and you honestly do not know what to do about it, but the urge is there, you want to dress up in you’re girlfriend/wives clothes the minute she has gone out.

I have to say you are not alone millions of guys get a kick out of this fetish and they really enjoy dressing up as it gives them sort of relief, you are not strange or gay or whatever people may say, you are just enjoying a kink and why not?

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I have met many men online who just love to dress up for a bit of fun some of them will use the humiliation of the word as that makes them feel better about it as they feel they are being forced to do so, but the truth of the matter is they want to and are embarrassed to admit that.

They all have something in common and that is behaving and dressing like a woman. Now although crossdressers or SISSYGIRLS will take the clothes back off and go about their own daily basis she male will not they continue to live the life as a woman.

Depending on how far into this fetish you are and how far you want to go you have to ask yourself these questions

  • Do you want to live life as a female all the time?
  • Do you want to take hormone tablets and grow tits?
  • Do you want to go the full way and have a sex change?
  • do you just want to dress up for a little bit of fun on a cam show then go back to being a man?

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself. Look online watch videos on youtube and see how others get on, hang out in the free chat rooms I have provided and talk to others who have the same kink as you, there is plenty of places to hang out and get some advice. Check out the girls at they love dressing up and chatting to like-minded people so pop on into the free area and ask them how they got into it. Join forums, and get involved in the online discussions.

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